State Tax Consulting and Audit Defense Specialists

Have the largest team of former Texas Comptroller State Tax Auditors defend your business!
Texas Tax Group is a team of former Texas Comptroller State Tax Auditors that specializes in representing and defending businesses under audit and subject to any of the taxes and fees administered by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Texas Tax Group has an exclusive team of more than 15 former Texas Comptroller State Tax Auditors with offices in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.
Currently Texas Tax Group manages over 200 Texas Comptroller state tax audits for businesses and CPA firms. In addition, we offer expert testimony and support services to law firms engaged in state tax audit defense in District court. In short, Texas Tax Group is the leading state tax consulting firm in Texas with over 200 years of Comptroller auditor experience.

Our State Tax Consulting Services Include:

Audit Preparation:

Let our team of Former Texas Comptroller State Tax Auditors identify your exposure before the auditor arrives. We will organize your records in the format the auditors require.

Audit Settlement Services:

Let us negotiate on your behalf for waivers of penalties and interest. Talk with a consultant NOW about possible payout options.

Audit Management and Hosting:

Don’t let a State Tax Audit interrupt your business. Let us host your audit at one of our four locations. You may never even need to meet the auditor.

Credits and Refund Services:

Auditors are not obligated to point out credits. We will identify ALL possible credits and apply for refunds on your behalf.

Audit Reduction Services:

Many audits are calculated incorrectly. We will review your audit results for FREE. We can often reduce your audit liability enough to remove most or all penalties.

State Tax Reviews:

You may never get audited. But if you do, don’t get blind-sided. Have our consultants confirm you are collecting and remitting the correct amount of tax on the products



Sales and Use Tax
Direct Pay Sales Tax
Franchise Tax
Mixed Beverage Tax
MV Seller Finance Tax
Severance Tax
Cigar and Tobacco Tax
Cigarette Tax
Hotel Tax