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Oil and gas executives know all too well how challenging it can be to keep up with what gets taxed and what doesn’t. The risk of over-payment can be costly, and the look-back window for refunds is only four years. That’s why oil and gas companies rely on Texas Tax Group to identify the overpayment of taxes.”  

Dino Marcaccio – President – Texas Tax Group, Inc


Texas Tax Group’s State and Local Tax Recovery Team helps companies in the energy sector identify and recover lost or overpaid sales and use tax.

Every year companies in the oil and gas sector overpay millions of dollars in sales and use tax to vendors who incorrectly charge sales tax when it is not due. These errors occur because many providers do not fully grasp the complex rules, regulations, exemptions, and policies pertaining to oilfield services and equipment. Fortunately, our knowledgeable tax experts can identify the over-payment errors and help claim any refunds before the four-year look-back window expires. 

Links to one of many Letter Rulings written by Texas Tax Group‘s Director of Tax Policy, Gilbert Zamora, while he worked for the Texas Comptroller’s office:

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Oil & Gas Tax Laws:

Companies can save money and protect themselves from significant assessments or liabilities by becoming familiar with the many tax exemptions. When time and resources make that impossible, our tax policy experts are qualified to take on the task. 

Sales Tax Errors:
Frequently, sales taxes charged on the sale of equipment and services are assessed in error. Although unintentional, this occurs because the seller or service provider does not understand the complex tax rules and regulations associated with the oil and gas industry.

Policy Letters:
In 2012, the Comptroller tax policy letters that previously served to interpret or explain exemptions and taxability for services related to the oil and gas industry were discontinued. Since then, practitioners, operators—even state auditors—have been forced to rely on dated policy rulings and hearings.

So how do we get started?
We will need to set up a date & time for a phone or video conference in order to give us a general idea of the areas of your operation that either qualify for sales tax exemptions or might be subject to over-assessment of sales tax by your vendors.

Gilbert Zamora, CPA Retired, is Texas Tax Group’s Director of Tax Policy. Before joining Texas Tax Group, Mr. Zamora worked as a lead Oil & Gas expert in the Texas Comptroller’s Tax Policy Division.

Mr. Zamora’s Qualifications & Bio: https://texastaxgroup.wpengine.com/our-team/gilbert-zamora/

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