Managed Audits

A managed audit allows a sales tax or direct pay taxpayer to have your representative, rather than a Comptroller auditor, prepare and oversee your audit from beginning to end.

This results in less of an inconvenience for you, identifies overpayments of taxes that a Comptroller auditor might overlook, and saves the taxpayer on penalties and interest that would be assessed in a Comptroller conducted audit.

What to Expect

Within 30 days of receiving the Audit Notification Letter, send in your managed audit request to the Texas Comptroller. Once your managed audit is approved you can expect:

  • Greater understanding of Texas state tax laws that apply to your business activity
  • Hosted audit onsite or at your representative’s place of business
  • On-time and on schedule audit process
  • Tax defense including, requests for entrance conference or an independent audit review

Why Texas Tax Group

  • Texas Tax Group (TTG) is comprised of a team of 18 former Texas Comptroller State Tax Auditors, Supervisors and Tax Policy Experts with over 400 combined years of work experience with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
  • TTG has offices located in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin
  • TTG has represented over 2,000 clients in areas of sales tax audit defense and research
  • TTG consultants performed over 5,000 tax audits while employed as auditors by the Texas Comptroller’s Office
  • Our Policy Experts wrote over 5,000 private letter tax rulings while employed with the Comptroller
  • TTG currently represents over 290 businesses under audit by the Comptroller’s office

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