Credits and Refund Claims

Many taxpayers routinely overpay sales taxes to their vendors because of the complex Texas sales tax rules, regulations, exemptions and inefficiencies in monitoring purchases. Vendors, on the other hand are not always well versed in the taxability of their products or services. More often than not these vendors err on the side of caution and collect undue state and local taxes in order to protect themselves in case they are audited.

What to Expect

A Texas Tax Group consultant who is familiar with the tax rules, regulations and policies related to your business will review your purchases for tax overpayments and over accruals. 

Our consultant will:

  • Perform appropriate tax research of rules, statutes, exemptions and policy opinions relative to your business
  • Review your purchases and accruals for overpayments of state and local sales taxes in order to determine if your business is due a refund and/or credit
  • Make copies of invoices and related payments to document overpayments
  • Prepare refund worksheets listing the overpaid transactions, explaining the exempt reason and reflecting the corresponding state and local tax jurisdictions overpayments
  • Obtain Vendor Assignment forms if necessary
  • File, monitor and defend the refund request during the audit review
  • Provide you with a report of these findings so future tax overpayments can be avoided

Why Texas Tax Group

  • Texas Tax Group’s team of former Texas Comptroller State Tax Auditors, Supervisors, Policy Experts and other state tax professionals have over 400 years of combined agency experience
  • Our Policy Experts are well versed with Comptroller rules, regulations and policy, and wrote over 5,000 Tax Policy Letters and performed other important agency functions while working for the Comptroller
  • Since 2007, we have represented thousands of clients in Texas and across the country resulting in millions of dollars in reduced audit assessments and thousands of administrative hours saved
  • TTG has offices located in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin

Don’t let the Comptroller keep taxes that are rightfully yours!

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