Tax Advisory Services

In some instances, you may encounter a tax issue specific to your company, industry, or a particular transaction that involves significant tax dollar amounts. You may be unsure or unable to find this issue addressed in taxability opinions or rules that you’ve researched.

What to Expect

Texas Tax Group (TTG) is staffed with tax policy professionals to provide Texas franchise tax or sales and use tax research to address specific tax issues that you may have.

We will research tax rules, regulations, hearings, court cases, and policy opinion letters and provide you with a summary of our analysis of how these apply to your tax issue.

If needed, we can request a policy opinion letter from the Comptroller’s Tax Policy group to give you greater assurance of the tax policies affecting your issue.

Why Texas Tax Group

  • TTG’s Policy Experts are well-acquainted with Comptroller rules, regulations, policy, and recent court cases, having researched and written over 5,000 private letter tax rulings while employed with the Comptroller.
  • TTG’s team of 20+ former Texas Comptroller State Tax Auditors, Supervisors, and Tax Policy Experts have over 400 combined years of work experience with the Texas Comptroller’s office.
  • TTG’s consultants have performed over 5,000 tax audits while employed as auditors by the Texas Comptroller’s Office and are familiar with the audit procedures used by the State.

Get Free Advice from Former Auditors

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