Texas Nexus Studies

A Texas sales tax nexus study reviews your company’s business activities in Texas to determine if your business has the requisite presence in the state of Texas subject to collect and report state taxes. The State of Texas considers businesses with a physical presence (i.e., offices, distribution centers, and warehouses), employees residing in the state, independent salespersons, franchisees, agents, or independent contractors to have nexus for sales tax purposes.

What to Expect

While under a nexus study, a tax expert will help you determine if your business is or is not liable for collecting sales tax based on your business operations or presence in Texas.

Your Texas Tax Group (TTG) tax expert will review your:

  • Products and/or service types
  • Customer types and possible exemptions
  • Locations of operations
  • Out of state transactions
  • Activities of independent sales representatives, distributors, contractors
  • If your company is determined to have nexus in Texas, we can arrange to limit your liability lookback period to four years, through a Voluntary Disclosure Agreement with the Comptroller’s office, and obtain a waiver of penalties and interest for taxes that were not collected.

Why Texas Tax Group

  • TTG’s Policy Experts are well versed with Comptroller rules, regulations, and policy, having written over 5,000 private letter tax rulings while employed with the Comptroller.
  • TTG ’s team of 20+ former Texas Comptroller State Tax Auditors, Supervisors, and Tax Policy Experts have over 400 combined years of work experience with the Texas Comptroller’s office.
  • TTG’s consultants have performed over 5,000 tax audits while employed as auditors by the Texas Comptroller’s Office and are familiar with the audit procedures used by the State.
  • TTG has offices located in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin.

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