Steven Lazar, CPA

Steven Lazar, CPA

State Tax Consultant

Steven Lazar, CPA
State Tax Consultant
Former Texas Comptroller State Tax Audit, 3 years


Phone/Fax/SMS: 512-551-0650 – Email:


BBA  Accounting, University of North Texas, Denton

Practice Areas

Sales and Use Tax


Steven Lazar is a former sales tax auditor and internal auditor for the State of Texas. He joined our staff as a sales and use tax consultant and audit administrative procedure expert in 2018. He has led over 100 audit engagements.


He is a current CPA and CIA (non-practicing.)  He works tirelessly for clients to receive fair and equitable treatment under the tax code on a broad range of sales and use tax issues.


Shortlist of audits conducted

Bury Inc.
BSchmidt Inc.
Chive Media Group Inc.
Keller Williams Inc.
Kendra Scott LLC
N-Line Traffic Maintenance
Poke-E-Joe’s Smokehouse Inc.
Stubbs Austin Restaurant Company LC
Texas Aggregates LLC
Tokyo Electron America Inc.

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