Fancy Kalb-Perez

Fancy Kalb-Perez

State Tax Consultant

Fancy Kalb-Perez

State Tax Consultant


Phone/Fax/Text: 972-378-0922


  • Grand Canyon University – Master of Science in Accounting, 2015

  • Member Institute for Professionals in Taxation (Tax School I &II)


Fancy Kalb-Perez – Tax Accountant (2005 – 2018)

  • Managed and supported non-income tax audit defense for federal, state and local taxing jurisdictions across the nation and Canada for business entities with over 400 million in annual revenue.
  • Preparation and payment of compliance tax returns for 32 states, local jurisdictions and Canada: S&U tax, VAT, severance and mining taxes, gross receipts taxes, and other federal excise taxes
  • Tax research for proven tax savings, avoidance and risk reduction of tax liability
  • Registering/filling business license during acquisitions, mergers and integrations
  • Managed outsourced S&U and motor fuel tax returns and refund request
  • Special projects: Internal tax training, training presentation material, implementing exemption certificate retrieval process, verification management and storage practice
  • Proficient in finding inefficient processes and reducing process time while increasing accuracy
  • Tax refund research and recovery
  • Managed tax related changes to multiple systems for routine updates, company acquisitions, integrations and entity divisions
  • Accounting consultant and non-income tax services for small-business firms

Verizon Telecom Property Tax Accountant (Contract) 2013 & 2014 Tax Seasons

  • Prepare Centrally Accessed property tax returns for Verizon Companies
  • Used pivot tables to present data for inclusion in state tax returns
  • Used IF and compound IF statements to search large volumes of data
  • Used Vlookup to find street address based on CLLI codes (Common Lang. Loc. ID)
  • Prepare Unitary tax returns for several western states
  • Identified areas of potential savings prepare written recommendations

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Texas Motorcycle Safety Foundation Certified Instructor
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