Edwina Wolf

Edwina Wolf

State Tax Analyst



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State Tax Analyst

Former Texas Comptroller Enforcement Officer 2003-2008 Former Property Tax Accounts Examiner 2008-2009 Former Subject Matter Expert for Successor Liability and Fraud Audits and Former Section Leader and Examiner-In-Charge in the Advanced Processes Section 2009-2013


Mrs. Wolf began her career with the Texas State Comptroller in 2003 as a field Enforcement Officer in Beaumont servicing an eight-county area. Mrs. Wolf was responsible for bringing taxpayer accounts into compliance by working with taxpayers and/or tax practitioners directly. To accomplish this task, Mrs. Wolf utilized tools such as field visits, phone calls, mail, freezing/levying assets, bond demands, limited seizures, liens, and full seizures. In 2008, Mrs. Wolf relocated to Austin to work in the Property Tax Assistance Division. Here she completed property valuation studies of school districts, cities and counties. Additionally, she attended and recorded hearings before Administrative Law Judges, processed open records requests and audited school district reports of property value. In 2009, Mrs. Wolf accepted a position in the Revenue Accounting/Advanced Processes Section and became the Subject Matter Expert for Successor Liability and Fraud Audits as well as the Section Leader and Examiner-In-Charge.

Practice Areas

  • Successor Liabilities
  • Fraud Audits
  • Expert Testimony


Texas Comptroller Enforcement Division (2003-2008)
  • Quality Assurance (reviewed employee work for errors.)
  • Special Projects (included Successor Liability for Houston worker pool.)
  • Researched accounts and taxability questions.
  • Canvassed special events, festivals, fairs, etc.
  • Reviewed taxpayer accounts for accuracy.
  • Processed applications for permits, entered returns into the tax system and processed payments.
  • Verified convenience stores for permit and cigarette stamp compliance.
  • Assisted supervisor with employee workload reviews.
  • Verified amusement machines (8-liners) for decals and sealed machines for compliance.
Texas Comptroller Revenue Accounting/Advanced Processes Section (2009-2013)
  • Reviewed, assessed and amended successor liability audits requested by Enforcement field officers, the Attorney General’s Office, and the Crude Oil/Natural Gas section of Account Maintenance.
  • Reviewed, assessed and amended personal liability fraud audits as requested by Audit Division. Processed hearing requests, maintained logs of personal liability and fraud hearing requests pending an Audit decision.
  • Served as expert witness for successor liability in SOAH hearings and OAG trials.
  • Prepared final figures, trial courts and summary judgment assessments (Alter-Ego.)
  • Quality Assurance coordinator for the Advanced Processes section.
  • On-the-job trainer for successor liability and personal liability fraud.
  • Section trainer for new hires.
  • General training sessions for personal liability fraud audits for GC hearings attorneys; training sessions for Crude Oil/Natural Gas on successor liability; and overview training sessions for Revenue Accounting Division on advanced processes (bonds, penalty waivers, returned payments, and successor/personal fraud liability); and the collections flow for new hires.

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