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Guide to Selecting a Sales Tax Consultant

There is NO licensing or regulation of any type in Texas for Sales Tax Consulting companies. You should CAREFULLY investigate any company soliciting your business. Often owners and their consultants do not have an accounting degree. In addition, many of these less qualified consultants have a single ‘rent-a-room’ (virtual office) not located in your city. Find out what questions you should ask before hiring a tax consultant.

Inside the Mind of a Texas Comptroller Sales Tax Auditor

Are auditors encouraged to over-assess tax? I realize this is a provocative title. And I bet many of you are wondering HOW would I know what auditors think. After receiving my accounting degree from Texas A&M University, I went to work for the Texas Comptroller’s...

Here Come the Millennial Auditors

Wikipedia defines Millennials with college degrees as those folks who DO NOT STAY at any job for more than 2 or 3 years and then move to the next job. This cycle usually continues for an average of 3 jobs before they finally settle down for the long haul. If the Texas Comptroller continues to hire young new college graduates then it is a given that most of them will quit in 2 to 3 years and move on to their 2nd job or 3rd job.

Sales Tax Issues for Upstream Oil and Gas Operators: Smell that? That’s the smell of money!

The expense side of oil and gas production can entail significant recurring costs for manpower and equipment for the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment at a lease site. Oftentimes the sales taxes charged on the sale of equipment or services are assessed in error by the seller or service providers. This is not necessarily intentional; many equipment or service providers do not have a firm grasp of the complex sales tax rules, regulations, exemptions and policies that pertain to oilfield services and equipment.

Sales Tax and the Upstream Petroleum Industry

The upstream sector of the Petroleum industry involves companies that search for potential underground crude oil and natural gas fields, drill exploratory wells, and subsequently drill and operate the wells that recover and bring the crude oil and/or raw natural gas...

ReManufacturing vs. Repair

Star Letter 9912942LStar Letter 200810222LStar Letter 9712138LStar Letter 200309186H Activities that have transaction tax exemptions are sometimes closely related to services with no tax incentives. The most common example of this is what we refer to as...

Expensive Misconceptions

Recent media reporting shows that American automobile manufacturers could lose $110 billion in revenue in 2021 due to a shortage of computer chips. This shortage helps put into perspective how important manufacturing is to our economy. It’s no wonder that just about...