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Buying an Existing Business and Successor Liability

The answer is often YES. It is called Successor Liability (Tax Code Section 111.020 and 111.024) and it is applied by the Texas Comptroller to the purchasers of many businesses in this state. Many people don’t know that just buying the assets of a company can cause the prior tax liability to be assigned to the purchaser.

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Sexually Oriented Business Fee (aka the Pole Tax)

Most, if not all, of these SOB fee estimated assessments are wrong. Very wrong. Consultants at Texas Tax Group (ex-Texas Comptroller auditors) have carefully reviewed the Texas Comptroller’s SOB fee estimation method on SOBF client assessments and found many errors. These audit methodology errors can easily DOUBLE what the business actually owes in SOB fee. Texas Tax Group can help you defend yourself against these harsh and significantly over stated assessments.

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South Dakota vs. Wayfair Inc.

On January 12, 2018 the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear the State Court case of South Dakota vs. Wayfair Inc. For many years the Supreme Court has basically punt on this white elephant issue (i.e., Federal law for the taxation of internet sales).

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Revenue Suppression Software (aka Zapper Programs)

If you run a business that takes in a lot of cash (convenience store, restaurant, nightclub, etc.), you might be tempted to buy one of these Zapper programs. Bad idea. Although these programs do a pretty good job of excluding the cash sales from your POS cash register system, an alert Federal or State Auditor can often figure out the scam.

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Successor Liabilities – Audit Assessments Can Be Transferred

Since 2010 the Texas Comptroller’s Office has nearly tripled the annual number of successor liability assessments based on the three tax code sections listed below. Most of these assessments involve either a Sales Tax audit or a Mixed Beverage Gross Receipts Tax audit, which are transferred to a successor entity or individual using one or more of three tax code sections.

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If You Provide a Service Using the Internet Then Beware

Tax Rule 3.330  – Data Processing There is, without a doubt, one taxable service Tax Rule that stands out far above ALL others as being vague and undefined and which can be applied, right or wrong, at the discretion of an inexperienced rookie Texas Comptroller...

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Are You Personally Liable for Fraudulent Tax Evasion?

Section 111.0611: Personal Liability for Fraudulent Tax Evasion I prefer to call it the ‘Personal Officer Fraud’ Tax Code Section. Either way, you have probably never heard of this tax law unless you or your client has received some type Texas Comptroller Notification...

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