Peter Laws, CPA

Peter Laws, CPA

State Tax Consultant

Peter Laws, CPA

Senior Sales Tax Manager / Director of Business Development


Phone: 972-378-0922
Fax: 866-849-4996


  • B.S. Economics, Northeast Louisiana University
  • Certified Public Accountant


Peter Laws, CPA – Consultant/Auditor (01/1990 – 07/2016)

  • Interpreted data to obtain approximately $6,000,000 in refunds for clients
  • Saved $300,000 yearly for a construction client using QuickBooks and Excel tools
  • Negotiate and prepare contracts and pricing based on customer needs
  • Teach auditors how to detect false statements and streamline work papers
  • Research tax issues to reduce sales and federal excise taxes, Canadian (GST/HST) tax
  • Audit paid invoices for overcharges using MACROS and IF statements for data selection
  • Performed A/P audits for cost savings for retail, construction and manufacturing
  • Review A/P invoices, make decisions on data to improve efficiency and costs and controls

Verizon Telecom Property Tax Accountant (Contract) 2013 & 2014 Tax Seasons

  • Prepare Centrally Accessed property tax returns for Verizon Companies
  • Used pivot tables to present data for inclusion in state tax returns
  • Used IF and compound IF statements to search large volumes of data
  • Used Vlookup to find street address based on CLLI codes (Common Lang. Loc. ID)
  • Prepare Unitary tax returns for several western states
  • Identified areas of potential savings prepare written recommendations

 RWC Consultant for NRCS – Washington, DC (Contract) 05/2011 – 12/2011

Consultant Responsibilities

  • Update and be proactive in database maintenance of Natural Resources Conservation Services’ (NRCS) Leases
  • Review lease agreements for contractual compliance
  • Score potential leases for classification as Operating or Capital Lease using FAS 13
  • Examine documentation presented for Scoring by State Personnel; evaluate data to ensure Office of Management Budget (OMB) guidelines for lease classification are correctly interpreted for inclusion in financial statements
  • Describe complicated guidelines to agency personnel in any state or territory to persuade them to gather proper and adequate documentation to support a financial conclusion
  • Clarify technical and factual issues between NRCS Management, Outside Auditors and agency personnel

 Regency Energy Partners – Dallas, TX (Contact/Employee) 06/2006 – 01/2010  

  • After completion of telephone bill audit Regency I was hired as the Tax Accountant

Sales Tax Responsibilities

  • Created routines and internal controls for reporting and payment processing online for multiple states and interface with all auditors
  • Researched CCH to support and reduce taxes and support decisions
  • Designed and performed audit of open years under statute and research decisions
  • Prepared sales tax returns and paid tax of $20,000,000 on a $650,000,000 construction project with coding annotation to support decisions
  • Created review policies for invoice selection and classification for tax accrual and payment
  • Prepared Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows and Statement of Owner’s Equity quarterly for government reporting
  • Reconciled general ledger accounts and maintained tax SOX governance using MS Great Plains accounting software
  • Liaise with A/P Supervisor to create Macro to reduce erroneous payments

Property Tax Responsibilities

  • Coordinated with property tax consultant to issue yearly renditions to 100 jurisdictions
  • Prepared payment of invoices for over $10,000,000 annually on property values of $1,500,000,000
  • Reported Quarterly adherence to SOX controls as Senior Tax Accountant
  • Collected general ledger and engineering information to support valuations and appeals of property tax
  • Prepare account reconciliations (Prepared by Client) as direct for outside auditors
  • Maintained current list of purchases and sales of property via Excel (VLOOKUP function and Pivot tables)
  • Verified tax bills to asset list and prepared check requests for payments, then reconcile general ledger
  • Coordinated updating database information on ACH payments and vendor bank records

 RWC Consultant for USDA – Albuquerque, NM  (03/2005 – 02/2006)  

  • Assisted in development of key performance indicators to measure accounting functions for approximately 100 U.S. Forest Service offices
  • Compare and evaluate local operating procedures and select best practices for future unified operations
  • Resolved differences on government contracts and payment for process improvement and efficiency
  • Conducted several local and national training sessions utilizing web conferencing

AT&T and Western Electric – Dallas, TX  (02/1977 – 12/1990) 

Billing Supervisor (01/1985 – 12/1987)

  • Supervised billing systems and resolved problems and reconciled general ledger
  • Asset management of $80,000,000 piece parts storeroom
  • Prepared instructions and supervised annual inventory
  • Conducted weekly and monthly statistical samples to confirm balances on hand
  • Following 1984 divestiture, assumed product planner responsibilities forecasting product line sales for cell phone business
  • Resolve customer service issues regarding product shortages
  • Advised clients on cost reduction measures to improve long-term relationships with customers 

Internal Auditor (09/1981 – 12/1983)

  • Lead on internal audits, and special studies for senior AT&T management to assess risks, identify weaknesses
  • Presented findings of audits and studies to a wide range of company officers to support conclusions to improve interdepartmental operations and reduce risk
  • Prepare statistical audit samples of accounts payable and inventories to select and evaluate samples of program from a national CPA firm
  • Flow chart control points and trace transactions to ensure internal controls are adequate and operational
  • Reconcile balance sheet accounts, validate classifications

Cost Accountant (02/1977 – 09/1981)

  • Prepare Journal Entries and explain variances for labor, material, and overhead
  • Conduct annual physical inventory and instruct assistants as needed
  • Lead annual audit of $80,000,000 storeroom and recommend process improvements


  • U. S. Army Honorable Discharge

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