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Texas Tax Group provided our organization with a clear understanding of the tax issues…

“Texas Tax Group provided our organization with a clear understanding of the tax issues assessed by the state and the multiple options available.  Their team gave us guidance to provide the Texas Comptroller with the documentation necessary to obtain the maximum reduction to our specific tax liability.”

-Don Bailey, CFO, Arkoma Energy Services, Inc.


Our CPA recommended a sales tax expert. I decided to go with Texas Tax Group.

“I didn’t know where to turn when I first received notification that my company was selected for a Texas Sales and Use Tax audit. Our CPA recommended a sales tax expert. I decided to go with Texas Tax Group. They stood out because they serviced the Houston Area, and do nothing other than sales and use tax audits. …they are all ex-auditors with the State, so they have a great deal of experience with audits. ….kept the audit off-site so none of the company employees were distracted while the audit was going on. There may be other decent tax consultants out there, but you can bet that I’ll be calling Texas Tax Group once again for help.”

-Scott McManus, Comptroller, Carnes Funeral Home


We achieved the best possible outcome – no sales tax due!

“Our company, Hartwell Environmental Corporation, was scheduled for a sales tax audit by the state of Texas earlier this year. After researching our options, we decided to hire Texas Tax Group to assist us with the audit. Al Jimenez and his team far exceeded our expectations. They were thorough and professional, and as a result of their services we achieved the best possible outcome – no sales tax due! Should we be audited in the future, we will definitely request their services again, and highly recommend them to anyone scheduled for an audit.”

-Ronald Culp, President, Hartwell Environmental Corporation


They take their job very serious and look out for the business owner.

“Knowing that when you mix the words ‘audit’ and ‘tax’ together, many things can come up that you may have overlooked. I was very concerned at what this was going to cost me especially coming out of 3 years of down sales due to the economy and realizing that an auditor is there to find money. I received an advertisement from Texas Tax Group and, upon seeing a company who was a friend of mine on their client list, I contacted him to ask what he thought of Texas Tax Group. He informed me that they had used Texas Tax Group and without them their audit would have cost them a lot more money. David kept me informed on every move and assisted me in presenting the documents that they would need for the audit. At any time during this phase of the audit I would contact David and he would get back to me right away and take the time to explain exactly what was going on. The audit was held at David’s office, as to not disrupt my day to day business. I finally got a call from David once the audit was completed and he informed me that I did not owe any further taxes or penalties. I feel that I would have made a HUGE mistake if I had not hired Texas Tax Group and I would recommend anyone going through an audit to have professional representation such as these guys provided every step of the way. They take their job very serious and look out for the business owner.”

-Gary Douglas, Vice President, Herbert’s Fun Shop, Inc.


The State found that we owed nothing in additional Sales Tax.

“We are very pleased with how our sales tax audit concluded. As you know, the State found that we owed nothing in additional Sales Tax. We are very lucky your firm represented us and handled EVERYTHING from start to finish. It was very evident that your many years of experience as a State Auditor aided in representing us with the State. Our sincere thanks and appreciation.”

-Luis O. Ruiz, President, Ruiz Cash-N-Carry Co.


I will definitely refer your firm to my fellow colleagues…

“I wanted to take the time to thank you and your team for helping me make it through my first Sales Tax Audit.  …I am truly thankful that you assigned Al to my audit. …I will definitely refer your firm to my fellow colleagues who may be facing their first sales tax audit.”

-Darrylinn Akerman, Vice President, M&D Foundation Drilling Industries, Inc.


They work hard to get you the results you deserve…

When I first received notice that I had an audit, I didn’t seek out a professional tax organization to help me out (because I didn’t KNOW) and tried to do it myself.  When I finally contacted Texas Tax Group, even though they weren’t there for me at the initial audit, they stepped up to the plate and helped me out tremendously. Everyone is very courteous, from the administration staff to the top. They are an excellent group of people to work with.  No one ever made me feel as though they were too busy to answer any question or concerns I may have had. They work hard to get you the results you deserve and are not afraid to take your case as far as it has to go to get the best final results!  I would recommend anyone who receives notice of a Texas Comptroller audit to go straight to TTG and let them handle “everything” at the first sign of an audit because you will definitely be in great hands.  Don’t make the mistake I did!  I hope I don’t have another audit, but if so, Texas Tax Group will be the first (ONLY) people I call to take care of the audit!

-F. McKinney, Owner, Stacks Liquor (La Marque, Texas)


Texas Tax Group did a pre-audit which showed us that we would be okay.

“We wanted to let you know how happy we are with the job that Texas Tax Group did for our company.  We were very nervous about what the State would do and unsure what the outcome would be.  Texas Tax Group did a pre-audit which showed us that we would be okay.  The consultant, Al Jimenez, was very knowledgeable and friendly.  Mr. Jimenez worked with the Auditor directly so that any questions the Auditor had were answered by him.  We didn’t need to worry about what records were needed and what to do when.  Everything was handled efficiently and professionally.  We are so grateful for the job that Texas Tax Group did for us!  Best of all, it was a No Tax Due audit results.  We heartily recommend Texas Tax group to handle your Texas Sales Tax Audits.  They really know what they are doing.”

-Gloria De Anda, AP Manager, Vitromex USA, Inc.


Texas Tax Group’s prior experience…

“Texas Tax Group’s prior experience in sales tax audits proved invaluable and kept my involvement to a minimum.”

-Mary Judson, President, AKS Enterprises, Inc.


Texas Tax Group did thorough research, and….

“I was very happy with the service. My company has always been diligent about tracking our sales taxable items, and we were validated by an audit 12 years earlier when we came through the audit with accolades.  So when the state came to us this time in an industry audit, with fines and taxes, we knew that they did not understand our industry.  Texas Tax Group did thorough research, and were able to show in the language that the state would understand, why they were mistaken on their assessment of our business.  This time we needed professional help, and we got it quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.  I would highly recommend companies to get professional help when they need it, especially from Texas tax Group.”

-Victoria Barclay, President, Best Entertainers


Your firm was a source of great comfort

“Every part of your service was exceptional. Your firm was a source of great comfort to me from the initial phone call, through the audit and through the payment negotiation with the State.  I felt so girded and prepared for the actual audit.  I can’t thank Texas Tax Group enough for your services and support through the entire audit process!”

-JoAnn Goin, Member, Glory House Catering, LLC


The best thing I could have done

“Hiring Texas Tax Group to represent me in my first sales tax audit was the best thing I could have done.  I highly recommend Texas Tax Group to anyone being audited.”

-Lawrence S. Dickinson, President, Dickinson Sprinkler and Lawn Seeding, Inc.


They put me at ease.

“I was very concerned prior to the audit but pleased that the staff at Texas Tax Group were prompt, professional, agreeable and very easy to work with. They put me at ease and handled everything very well so I could focus on running my business.”

-Mark Zonk, Owner, The Dinner Dude, LLC


….very knowledgeable…

“Texas Tax Group is a great team and very knowledgeable in the way the state tax audit process works.”

-Gaudencio R. Garcia, President, Red Oak Landscape & Irrigation Services


TTG saved me a lot of money and...

 “At this time, I do not have any recommendation for improvement of your service because Mr. Quincy Fuller was very helpful and professional in the way he handled my Sales Tax Audit. He was very knowledgeable and highly educated, with many years of auditing experience.  He kept me updated at all times, answered all my questions, and informed me of the results of my concerns.  I would recommend Texas Tax Group to everyone in self-employment who have little to no knowledge of sales tax regulations.  TTG saved me a lot of money and prevented many headaches, allowing me to spend more valuable time making money.  Thank you so very much Texas Tax Group.”

-Sy Yasa, Owner, MLC Landscape & Irrigation


It is an anxious event…

“Al, my representative from Texas Tax Group, was extremely helpful in the preparation of our tax audit. It is an anxious event going through an audit alone but with Al’s help and knowledge as a previous auditor, the process went smoothly.”

-Byron J. Hall, Jr., Owner/President, Joey Hall, DDS, Inc.


The feeling of relief was overwhelming.

“The feeling of relief was overwhelming when I turned the sales tax audit over to the TTG representative.  The outcome was much better than if I had tried to handle it on my own.  The Group does know what they’re doing and how to deal with auditors, as they were auditors themselves.”

-Richard Selby, Owner, Selby Lawn Service


Renewed my faith…

“Best consulting, tax or otherwise, I’ve ever experienced. Renewed my faith in outside tax consultants.”

-Ronnie Kimbrough, CFO, Diem Digital, LLC


I was even more impressed…..

“I was impressed when one of the partners spoke directly with me about the audit process when we were deciding if we wanted to go with Texas Tax Group. It was very reassuring when our company was facing a sales tax audit. I was even more impressed when the results were consistent with their promises.”

-Robin Cody, Marketing and Business Development Director, Bill Cody and Sons Plumbing Company, LLC


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