Texas Comptroller Audit Defense Services

Provided by Former Texas Comptroller State Tax Auditors

Few businesses would actually choose to be audited. But if you do receive an audit notice, Texas Tax Group invites you to talk with one of our former Texas Comptroller State Tax Auditors and ask a few questions about the process. Combined, our consultants conducted thousands of audits while working at the state. Now we use our expertise to defend taxpayers. Call today for a free 20 minute consultation.

State Tax Audit Defense  – A Three Step Process

Perform Tax Research / Organize the Records / Manage the Audit

No matter the business, Texas Tax Group knows the ABC’s of handling your audit. Our former State Tax Auditors are well-versed in all of the major tax types including Sales & Use Tax, Direct Pay Sales Tax, Franchise Tax, Mixed Beverage Tax, Severance Tax, IFTA Tax, Hotel Tax and Motor Vehicle Seller Finance Tax. And if you have ever been audited before you know how important it is to stay in front of the audit and on top of the Auditor. So let the team at Texas Tax Group do what we do best so you and your team can continue to run your business.

Step 1:  Perform Tax Research

We start by reviewing your business and asking you questions about your sales and/or purchases to determine how tax may be applied. In many cases we conduct tax research (i.e., tax rules, letter rulings and Administrative Hearings) to further review tax implications that are unique to your business.

Step 2:  Organize the Records

Our former auditors know what records are needed and how to prepare those documents for an audit. Once you receive your audit notice, we can immediately begin to organize those records necessary to complete the State Tax audit. From evaluating your Quickbook files, all the way down to the contract and/or invoice level, we know what records the auditor will want to review.

Step 3:  Manage the Audit

We can either manage the audit at your place of business or we can offer to host the audit at one of our four offices located around the state in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. If Steps 1 & 2 have been done correctly, then Step 3 should be less time consuming.

For instance, we will not allow the auditor to remove any original records from your office or our premises. In addition, as senior auditors, we know what can and cannot be done during the course of an audit.  We will manage the audit process until the auditor issues their final determination. If we believe the audit is not accurate, we can ask for either a conference with the auditor’s supervisor or else request a formal dispute conference held at the local audit office. This conference is called an ‘Independent Audit Review’ and is a very important defense tool.

Protesting Your Audit

If certain material tax issues remain at the end of the ‘field audit’ phase then Texas Tax Group can file for an Administrative Hearing to continue to debate those assessments. We have extensive experience in Administrative Courts and can bring former Comptroller Hearings Attorneys as well as former auditors to argue our case.

Settlement Options – How to Pay an Audit Liability

Lets face it. Some businesses will end up owing taxes. Maybe you didn’t realize you needed to charge sales tax on your sales or else you possibly owed tax on certain purchases. And now you will be receiving a tax bill for anywhere from $25,000 to over a million dollars. What do you do now? Most tax bills will have a 30 day deadline to pay or else additional penalties and interest will apply. In certain cases the Comptroller even has the option to cancel your sales tax permit.

If your business is faced with a tax liability due to a Texas Comptroller state tax audit then Texas Tax Group can help. Let our experts negotiate the best possible settlement terms to facilitate the payment of your debt. In certain cases we can negotiate payment plans that eliminate penalties and interest.

Waiver of penalties and interest

If you can afford to pay the entire tax assessed in a single, lump-sum payment, Texas Tax Group may be able to negotiate a complete waiver of penalties and interest. In the event that your business has been assessed a 50% fraud penalty, our experts can offer you additional options.

Interest-free payment plans

Interest-free payment plans can also be obtained. Let our experts use their knowledge of how the system works to get you the very best settlement possible. Fortunately, Texas Tax Group’s team of former State Tax Auditors are experts at negotiating payment plans with the State. Call today for details on how we can negotiate your settlement.

Full Line of Audit Defense Services

Texas Tax Group specializes in the following:

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