Dino Marcaccio

Dino Marcaccio, President Former Texas Comptroller State Tax Auditor, 16 Years

Dino Marcaccio, President
Former Texas Comptroller State Tax Auditor, 16 Years

President of Texas Tax Group


Texas Comptroller State Tax Auditor: 1989-1991 & 1993-2007 (15 Years)

Texas Tax Group (TTG) is a team of more than 15 former Texas Comptroller, State Tax Auditors, Supervisors and Tax Policy Experts with offices located in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.

  • TTG was founded 10 years ago and has since represented over 2,000 clients with Texas state tax audits, refunds, voluntary disclosure agreements and compliance issues.
  • TTG consultants have themselves performed over 5,000 tax audits while employed as auditors by the Texas Comptroller’s Office and have over 300 combined years of ‘auditor’ experience.
  • TTG, on any given day, represents over 300 businesses under Texas Sales Tax audit.

Dino Marcaccio, President and Founder of Texas Tax Group, received a BBA in Accounting in 1990 from Texas A&M University. He then spent 15 years working at the Texas Comptroller’s Office as a state tax auditor and one year with Ernst & Young in their State And Local Tax (SALT) group.  Mr. Marcaccio left the Texas Comptroller’s Office on February 28, 2007 and established Texas Tax Group later that same year.  Since that time Mr. Marcaccio has built TTG into a leading Texas state tax consulting firm with the borrowed motto: “No Taxation Without Representation”.

TTG is the leading firm in Texas for:

  1. Number of Texas Businesses (2014-2015) represented by a single firm for Texas Comptroller State/Sales Tax audits.
  2. Number of State/Sales Tax Audit Settlement & Compromise Agreements obtained by a single firm from 2014-2015.
  3. Number of State/Sales Tax Administrative Hearings filed by a single firm from 2013-2015.
  4. Number of active audit clients currently represented by any consulting firm in Texas.


BBA, Accounting; Texas A&M University; College Station, TX; 1990


  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Direct Pay Sales Tax
  • Mixed Beverage Tax
  • Hotel Tax
  • Motor Vehicle Tax
  • Franchise Tax
  • Inactive Officer Defense/Personal Fraud Assessment (Tax Code 111.061)
  • Successor Liability: Purchasor (Tax Code 111.020)/Fraudulent Transfer (Tax Code 111.024)/Jeopardy Assessment (Tax Code 111.022)


Texas Comptroller, Houston North Audit Office
Ernst & Young, State and Local Tax Group
State Tax Consultant