300+ Years of Experience As Former Texas Comptroller Auditors

10 Years, 4 Offices, thousands of satisfied clients. We work very well with the Texas Comptroller auditors to complete your audit!

Whether you just received an audit notice in the mail, or your audit was just finished, we can turn things around for you. We’re Texas Tax Group.

Our firm is staffed by former Texas Comptroller State Tax Auditors. We know the audit process better than anyone. Our results speak for themselves.

As you know, the State found that we owed nothing in additional sales tax.” – Luis Ruiz, Ruiz Cash-N-Carry-Co

… we were able to save about $40,000 that we would have had to pay if we would have let the state do the audit without intervention.” – Scott McManus, Carnes Funeral Home

They were thorough and professional, and as a result of their services, we achieved the best possible outcome – no sales tax due!” – Ronald F. Culp, Hartwell Environmental Corporation

Put Our Combined 300+ Years of Experience As Former Texas Comptroller Auditors To Work for You!

How are we achieving incredible results for our clients? It’s because as former auditors, we know what is taxable and what is not. We know how to argue against incorrect estimation and projection audit techniques.

Uncertainty – Don’t take a chance!

The Comptroller is staffed by accounting degreed professionals and they have a job to do. And it is a difficult job. Each audit is different and can result in a challenge to both the auditor and the business under audit. Our experience allows us to understand your record keeping and taxability issues so the audit is done accurately. We strive to work together with the assigned auditor to complete the audit quickly and accurately.

If your audit, for whatever reason, results in a significant over assessment of tax, our team of ex-auditors are here to resolve any audit issues either during the field audit or the administrative hearing process (i.e. after the tax bill was received).

Texas Tax Group and the Texas Comptroller – Working Together for You

Everyone must have an accounting degree to work as an auditor for the Texas Comptroller’s Office. The agency then provides extensive training to these individuals. We at Texas Tax Group benefitted from this training and the experience of conducting over 5000 audits ourselves. Let us put this training and experience to work for you. We have a sound working relationship with the agency and strive to work together with the assigned auditor to complete your audit as quickly and accurately as possible.

5 Ways We can Serve You

Our core business, our only business is in fighting audits.  This includes:

  • Representing you in an audit
  • Challenging your audit results
  • Negotiating waivers of penalties and interest
  • Negotiating your pay-out options
  • Claiming credits and refunds

Run Your Business While We Handle the Audit

Don’t agonize over your audit.  Let us handle it from the pre-audit phase to the final notification. In certain cases, we can host all audit activities at one of our four offices located in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. In most cases, we can handle 90% of all audit functions directly with the agency. Our job is to let you keep doing your job while we handle the audit.

As auditors and consultants, we have been involved with thousands of audits. There is absolutely no experience like ‘Experience’. 300 combined auditors years allows us to provide you with the best audit defense services in the state.

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