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In 1990 Dino Marcaccio graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in accounting. He then went to work as a State Tax Auditor for the Texas Comptroller’s Audit Division.

Over the next 15 years, Dino had the opportunity to conduct different types of audits and learn the various audit methods used by the agency. He also took full advantage of the considerable time and money the Texas Comptroller spends on training their auditors.

In 2007 Dino left the Texas Comptroller’s Office to begin his career as a state tax consultant. Now he serves business owners by cooperating with the Texas Comptroller’s Office to get state tax audits and refund requests done FAST AND FAIR.

Stuck Audits – How to Get Past an Audit ‘Bottlekneck’

Dino Marcaccio, President

Dino Marcaccio – Former Texas Comptroller State Tax Auditor, 16 Years

While working at the Comptroller’s Office, Dino would see ‘stuck’ audits being conducted by fellow auditors.  Often, for various reasons, the auditor and business owner (or representative) would have a difference of opinion over some minor or major issue (i.e., missing records, sample method, taxability of a transaction, etc.).  He realized that these ‘stuck audits’ were a natural occurrence since there are over 500 auditors and each auditor can approach an audit just a bit differently.

In certain cases, these ‘disputed audits’ ended up with the auditor issuing a ‘Record Demand Letter’ or ‘Notification of Estimation’ followed in some cases by a final tax bill. Dino realized that if this was an ‘over assessed’ audit, then it had just reached what he calls a ‘critical stage’. Instead of the auditor and business owner figuring out how to resolve the dispute during the audit, the auditor would sometimes end the audit and issue a tax bill.

In the cases where the tax bill was accurate, this would not be a problem. But if the audit was a little or a lot over assessed, for whatever reason, then this final tax bill can be VERY hard to fix. The only option would be to file for an Administrative Hearing and then navigate through the very time intensive and complex Administrative Hearing process.

Often the Comptroller Hearings Attorney would simply rely on the auditor’s original argument(s) and then deny any records or contentions presented by the business owner. And going to a hearing will result in a lost case the great majority of the time.  Dino’s point is that, no matter the fault or the issue, it is best to resolve the issues DURING THE AUDIT.

Our Team Represents You

Texas Tax Group Corporate Office - 9950 Westpark Drive, Suite 430, Houston, Texas 77063

Texas Tax Group Corporate Office – 9950 Westpark Drive, Suite 430, Houston, Texas 77063

After seeing Texas Taxpayers struggle with audits during his time with the Texas Comptroller’s Office, Dino opened his first office in Houston at the corner of Westpark and Gessner.  Today Texas Tax Group has an exclusive team of over 15 former Texas Comptroller State Tax Auditors with offices in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.

Currently Texas Tax Group manages over 200 Texas Comptroller state tax audit and refund requests for businesses and CPA firms and in addition offers expert testimony, due diligence, tax review and credit/refund support services. In short, Texas Tax Group is the leading state tax consulting firm in Texas  with over 300 years of Comptroller auditor experience and 5,000 combined audits to call upon.

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